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Here are some common questions that we frequently receive from our customers. We kindly welcome you to find your concern and the answer to it. If you have more questions, mail us at, and we will reply to you during our office hours.
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    Do you run true to size?
    Sizing varies among different collections. You might notice that we have different functions and textures for each collection if you constantly view our products. So here are some we would like you to consider when deciding which one to purchase.

    Our #1 Seller Body Sculpt Series has more compression to support your daily sports activities. Many customers have commented that it can also prevent varicose veins from an extended period of standing and sitting. So you can feel the compression when you put on them.

    Our Beyond Nude Collection includes products suitable for light activities such as yoga but primarily designed for everyday casual wear. The material stretches naturally, is super accommodating, and fits your body exceptionally well.

    Our Pet Hair Free Collection is a unique collection that is specially designed for pet lovers. Because of the slick anti-fur surface and fabrication structure, it contains a bit of compression and is also suitable for morning jogs with your favorite furry buddy.

    Our apparel should run true to size. If you are wondering in-between sizes to purchase, we highly recommend you follow the measurements in our size guide.

    Still trying to figure it out? We'd love to talk to you about it. Reach out to one of our fit specialists at for personalized advice!
    How can I know if your products fit my body measurement?
    All of our products have size guides adequately listed in size guides on our product pages. In addition, you can cite our model’s body measurement details for correct reference. We currently provide sizes S to XL, each size with a specific range of height, weight, waist, hips, and inseam. We highly recommend you check our size guide whenever you are unsure about your size.

    Can not decide? No worries, email us via, and we will get back to you and be your personal size guide.
    Can I put your products into washing machine?
    Yes. Our products can go into the washing machine. However, remember to wash with like colors and temperatures below 30°C. We suggest you put our leggings and tops into wash bags before placing them into the washing machine. This can give you the best experience every time you wear any of our products and make them last even longer.

    If you like to wash by hand, we recommend using the same method we mentioned earlier. You can find the detailed guideline on our product pages under the Material & Care section.
    Can we have more color choices for your leggings?
    We have received an enormous amount of requests to launch more colors and sizes, and we are working on that!

    We are having a long decision before we publish new colors. We want to ensure that our leggings' color will not sink after washing; the color can support you to shine and go with any occasion; the color will prevent you from showing your underwear colors if you choose to wear them. There are many considerations before we dive into the final process of launching.

    We want to put on our best performance and good quality products that serve you well. It takes longer, but we are a hundred percent sure it is worth waiting for our customers. We heard you, and we will try our best to shorten the time we use to launch new products.

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