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Craft With Care
As customers, we love to purchase and wear leggings daily and during workouts. As a brand, we believe leggings can provide us ladies confidence using comfortable material and fit crafts. We apply the highest quality materials with thousands of fabric strength tests, pushing the boundaries for every best performance.
Performance Makes Better
Performance Makes Better
To reach the high standard we set for ourselves, we must take a step back in producing our products.
With consideration, we design our products with functional and comfortable fabric, polished style and meticulous tailor-for-fit.
Our products are made to perform your best, and fabric supports your every moment of performance.
Body Sculpt Fabric
Bum Lift
4-way Stretch
The perfect lift and sculpt effect is created in our products using our PowerLift™ technology.

This technology changes the properties of the fabric, creating functional activewear with higher comfort and a flattering shaping effect.

PowerLift™ printing technology enhances fabric stretchability and tension recovery. The fabric tension increased by 1.5-4 times and quickly reshaped after external force.

The fabric allows you to move with maximum confidence anytime and anywhere. The craft makes it possible to achieve the best balance between compression, support and comfort.
Beyond Nude Fabric
Second Skin Feel
The secret to second skin comfort blends in the special fabric structure. Every day beyond nude fabric applies an air layer fabric structure for skin-like feels.

Fabric structure built with 3 layers. The first layer guards against hot or cool invaders. The middle section is responsible for air circulation and keeps body temperature stable. The internal layer is as soft as your second skin and absorbs body moisture, fresh and comfortable for daily needs.
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Our yoga collection employs upgraded fabric containing high elastic cotton yarn, enhancing extensibility and resilience. The material provides a soft feel to create a skin-like texture, keeps you warm in the frosty winter, and is breathable for all seasons.

By designing specially for yoga and light active sports, our fabrics blend in the anti-static composition to reduce the massive amount of static clinging to fabric, making you stretch without concerns.
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Well Made Product, Lifestyle With Fanka
Reflecting on the mission, our team continually produces products to enhance everyday demands for women. We deliver the highest quality
fabric to support the best performance, regardless of your casual or work life.
Our design is driven by the integration of fitness, leisure and art. We don’t think anyone can define anybody’s lifestyle. Athleisure? Workleisure?
Is there a better lifestyle? No, there is just the lifestyle you choose to shine in, and our products are the sparks that go along with you.