fleece leggings

Enjoy your winter workouts with our warm
and supportive fleece leggings.
Enjoy your winter workouts
with our warm and supportive
fleece leggings.
Give Your Booty A Lift
Every body is a work of art. And our body sculpt leggings will make you feel more confident than ever thanks to PowerLift™ tech that gives your booty an instant 15° lift and holds it in place all day.
Warm Fleece
Stay cozy in cold weather with our thermal fleece, a warm and insulating fabric that locks in heat for ultimate comfort.
Other Details of This Product
Muscle Support
Our targeted support offers superior muscle protection, facilitates circulation, and minimizes muscle soreness.
Knee Support
Comfortably envelops your knee and delivers a luxuriously soft feel that doesn’t sacrifice stability.
Stay Toasty Down to 50ºF
Experience lightweight warmth for temperatures as low as 50℉ with our breathable thermal fleece fabric.
Slimming brushed Fleece
Warmth doesn’t feel bulky. Enjoy the same targeted compression and slimming effect you love from our traditional body sculpt leggings.
PowerLift™ Tech
Changing the Game in Targeted Support
We are able to precisely control elasticity and compression by combining 3D printing with a unique polymer and elastomer mixture that offers support and stability exactly where it’s needed, while maintaining excellent comfort, resilience, and durability.
Precise Compression Control
By utilizing 3D tech, targeted compression support can be increased by 1.5-4 times for different areas of the body, with a corresponding improvement in fabric resilience by 10-30%. This leads to highly satisfactory outcomes for various sports and activities.