Pet Free Shirt+Jogger

Pet Hair & lint Resistant

Always need to carry lint rollers wherever you go? Our pet hair free fabric leaves you free from covering in fluff, no matter how your furry friends hug or climb on you.

Just Shake It Off

You don’t even need to pat the pet hair off when being covered in them with our pet hair free tech. The pet hair will easily slip off from the clothes when you stand up.

Scratch Resistant

The structure of the pet hair free fabric is designed to be anti-scratching and snagging from pet claws compared to traditional fabric, which makes it much more durable and utility.



Upgrade in yarn and weaving

Our high count and high-density fabric provided the function that hair or lint have nowhere to dig in or get sticked to.

Anti-static finishing

Hair resistance is strengthened through anti-static treatment in our fabric.

Smooth to the touch

Ultra-smooth fibers provide second skin feeling.



Shirt Jogger
  • Slim Fit

    Provide a noticeable and natural lift.

    Thumb Hole

    Keeps sleeves from shifting or rolling up.


    Say goodbye to itchy label.

    Crafted Collar

    Improves stretch and shape retention.

  • A relaxed fit

    Roomy fit gives you freedom of movement and all-day comfort.

    Tapered leg Design

    Provides a clean look with a tapered leg and fitted ankle hem.

    2 side pockets

    Safe to carry your phone & keys which enables you to go hands-free.


    Say goodbye to itchy label.