Body Sculpt Leggings 7/8 Length

Give Your Booty A Lift
Every body is a work of art. The 7/8 leggings will make you feel more confident about that. Our PowerLift™ technology gives your booty an instant 15° lift and hold them in the right position all the time.
Tummy Control
We developed these leggings to make sure you look and feel fantastic. Fitted to give you a 360° tummy tuck using a high elastic and durable fabric with compression but leaving you the best wearing experience.
PowerLift™ Tech
4-Way Stretch
PowerLift™ Tech offers a 4-way stretch and strong stretch recovery. The stretch recovery rate is 85-95% as compared to 65-75% of other common leggings fabrics.
3D Printing
Provide unique compression around your hips, making it effortless to contour & lift your peach with the most comfortable feel.
Sports Support
Enhances the strength of the fabric and offers balanced protection during working out.
Other Details Of This Product
2-IN-1 Reversible Wear
Support and comfort for training needs and daily wear, best for the sweats season.
Anti-Roll Up
The Anti-roll up support band at the edge fits the body contours and secures in place.
Squat Proof
The high-density fabric keeps you covered behind, lets you entirely focus on your workout.
Stay Put Waist
No chance of roll-down during intensive activity with specially engineered waistband.