Beyond Nude Leggings

Skin like feels that hugs your body for daily practices.
No More Camel Toe
Nothing is more awkward than trying to adjust a camel toe. By taking out the front rise seam, these leggings fit nicely over your curves and give you a 100% worry-free outfit.
Say Goodbye To Panty Lines
Still bothering by choosing which kind of underwear that helps to avoid panty lines? An ultimate solution — Antimicrobial liner built-in allows panty free wear to eliminate all your concerns.
Other leggings
FANKA leggings
"Extremely soft fabric, feels like wearing nothing and comfortable fit for daily needs. "
—Fanka Guest
Beyond Nude Series
Extra built-in liner designed for panty free wear and provides 24/7 antimicrobial protection.
Antimicrobial Built-In-Liner
We create the antibacterial treatment on the fabric surface, ensuring durability and private area protection while letting you stay with a fresh odor.
Smooth Like Butter
Our fabric transits a breathable and soft texture, smoothly covering your skin for you to wear all year round.
Feels Like Your Second Skin
We employ the high elastic yarn which provides flexible and comfortable feels to create the skin-like texture, keeps you warm in the frosty winter, breathable for all seasons.
Other Details Of This Product
Give You A Peach Lift
Hold your peach in all of the right places.
4-way Stretch
Tested & stretched over 2,000 times!
Hidden Pocket
To hold phones & cards securely.
Say goodbye to itchy labels!