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Pet Hair Free Leggings

Pet Hair Free Leggings

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Pet Hair Resistant


Scratch Resistant

Sweat Wicking & Quick Dry

Material & Care

72% Polyamide, 28%Elastane

Wash with like colors

Wash with temperatures below 30°C

Do not bleach

Do not iron

Do not dry clean

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Pet Hair & Lint Resistant
Always need to carry lint rollers wherever you go? Our pet hair free fabric leaves you free from covering in fluff, no matter how your furry friends hug or climb on you.
Just Shake It Off
You don’t even need to pat the pet hair off when being covered in them with our pet hair free tech. The pet hair will easily slip off from the clothes when you stand up.
Scratch Resistant
The structure of the pet hair free fabric is designed to be anti-scratching and snagging from pet claws compared to traditional fabric, which makes it much more durable and utility.
" Feels smooth to touch, excellent exercise experiences and enough pockets for personal belongings, much to appreciate. "
—Fanka Guest
Pet Hair Free Tech
Upgrade In Yarn And Weaving
Our high count and high-density fabric provided the function that hair or lint have nowhere to dig in or get sticked to.
Anti-static Finishing
Hair resistance is strengthened through anti-static treatment in our fabric.
Smooth To The Touch
Ultra-smooth fibers provide second skin feeling.
Other Details Of This Product
Give You A Peach Lift
Provide a noticeable and natural lift.
Exclusive 6 Pocket
5 waistband pockets & 1 side pocket are ideal for anything you need to carry around.
Reflective Dots
Great for night runners, these leggings feature reflective dots to make you safer in the dark.
Tagless Label
Eliminates the need for traditional fabric labels that can be scratchy and irritating to the skin.
  • Gianna. S.

    100 Reviews

    From US.

    If you know me, you know I L O V E dogs! One thing I don’t like, though, is pet hair on my leggings. So I got this, the LIFE SAVER!

  • Kimber. S.

    100 Reviews

    From US.

    Now i can bring my floofy boy with me everywhere without having to worry about pet-hair or carrying a lint roller! :)

  • Stephanie. B.

    100 Reviews

    From US.

    And the dog hair just shakes right off. My pup even jumped in my lap with her dirty feet from the trail, and the dirt brushed right off and left no scratch marks.

  • Lolita. R.

    100 Reviews

    From France.

    Nice fitting, good for everything. I wear it for casual sports and groceries. It's the perfect leggings even I do not own a pet, there are no dust and hairs on thes leggings.

Question & Answer

How Does The Pet Hair Free Function Works?

We employ smooth yarns and weaving structures to form an extremely sleek surface, allowing you to pat the dust and hair off easy and fast.

What About Anti-Static?

We also included anti-static composition to diminish the friction against hair and dust. The technology helps to remove the imbalance between negative and positive charges in fabrics, allows you to rock your day without concern about static cling.

What Are These Leggings Made Of?

A blend of 72% Polyamide and 28% Elastane. Refer to the material & care section to learn more.

Are They Going To Shrink After Washing?

No, they will not shrink or lose color after washing. Please refer to the materials and care guide for more info.

What If I'm Just Not That Into Them?

You have 30 days to return them with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Do You Offer Free Shipping?

Buy multiple pairs and save more. We’ll even throw in free shipping.

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