speedline mesh

Experience the perfect blend of style
and breathability with our trendy
mesh leggings
Radiant sheen adds a
touch of glamour
to your every move.
Give Your Booty A Lift
Our Speedline Mesh Leggings features LYCRA ® FitSense™ for an amazing booty lift and curve-enhancing effect. Its unique blend of elasticity and targeted support ensures a perfect fit.
Ventilation Mesh
Featuring strategically positioned breathable mesh panels, this design optimizes air circulation, facilitating the dissipation of heat and moisture.Keep cool and comfortable during your activities.
Other Details of This Product
Muscle & Knee Support
This support can help reduce muscle fatigue and enhance performance, providing targeted support and stability during your workouts.
Adjustable Waist
The waistband is designed with adjustable elements, allowing you to personalize the fit to your preference.
It offers the perfect balance between coverage and freedom of movement, allowing for a comfortable and secure fit during your runs.
Stay Put Waist
No chance of roll-down during intensive activity with specially engineered waistband.
LYCRA® FitSense™
Target Support
LYCRA® FitSense™ provides localized support in key areas, adapting to your body's movements for a personalized fit and enhanced stability.
Both breathable fabrics and strategic ventilation zones allows air to circulate effectively, preventing overheating and keeping you feeling fresh during your activities.
4-Way Stretch
Whether you're stretching, bending, or lunging, the 4-way stretch fabric moves with your body, providing a supportive and contouring feel that allows you to perform at your best without any limitations.