body sculpt pockect legging

Stay hands-free and effortlessly carry
your essentials.
Stay hands-free and effortlessly
carry your essentials.
Give Your Booty A Lift
Every body is a work of art. The body sculpt side pocket leggings will make you feel more confident about that. Our PowerLift™ technology gives your booty an instant 15° lift and hold them in the right position all the time.
Pocket for Storage
Stay hands-free and organized with the functional side pockets on our leggings. Effortlessly carry your phone, keys, or other small items while enjoying the ultimate convenience and style.
PowerLift™ Tech
4-Way Stretch
PowerLift™ Tech offers a 4-way stretch and strong stretch recovery. The stretch recovery rate is 85-95% as compared to 65-75% of other common leggings fabrics.
3D Printing
Provide unique compression around your hips, making it effortless to contour & lift your peach with the most comfortable feel.
Sports Support
Enhances the strength of the fabric and offers balanced protection during working out.
Other Details of This Product
Tummy Control
Fitted to give you a 360° tummy tuck using a high elastic fabric with target compression.
360° Leg Shaping
Smooth contours for all-around leg sculpting.
Best Training Choice
Designed with full-coverage sports compression fabric, support the best workout experience.
Stay Put Waist
No chance of roll-down during intensive activity with specially engineered waistband.