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Body Sculpt Front Slit Leggings

Shape Up in Style

Highly Versatile Style

Front-Slit leggings are versatile for any occasions especially in autumn. They're the perfect partner for trusty trench coats and blazers and they can make your legs look longer. They elevate an outfit while still being just as comfy to wear as your standard workout pants

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Effectively Lift Your Booty

Every body is a work of art. The body sculpt leggings will make you feel more confident about that. Our SensELAST 3D technology gives your booty an instant 15° lift and hold them in the right position all the time.

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Smooth Your Cellulite

Our 3D curvings provide net structure in the thickest part of the thigh fat, locking and smoothing out the lumpy fat. In the meanwhile , it helps improve circulation and lymphatic drainage.

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360° Tummy Control

Fitted to give you a 360° tummy tuck using a high elastic and durable fabric with compression but leaving you the best wearing experience.

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  • These leggings are so great!

    5 Reviews

    Jasmine. L

    Love these leggings! The butt lines give the peach appearance and your butt look juicier! I’ve been working out my glutes three times a week… So it really helps emphasize all of my hard work! Also has a really great tummy control! I am 4’9 105 pounds… The length was perfect also.

  • Makes my Assets look amazing

    100 Reviews

    These pants are really giving you that perfect butt! They have a high waist to keep your tummy in place! I love them but my partner says I can’t wear them because every man at the gym stares at my butt haha!

  • Great quality leggings for a great price

    100 Reviews

    These leggings SUCK YOU IN! And give you a literal butt lift!!! It’s incredible. I haven’t had any issues when doing squats and such, very high quality.